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If you are looking to Sim Unlock your Samsung i8910 Omnia UD handset look no further.

Mobile Phone Unlocking is simply the removal of any network or carrier restrictions on your phone allowing it to be used with any Sim Card. There are many benefits however the main one has to be the ability to switch networks in order to get the best deal on your calls. Mobile phone unlocking also vastly increases the value of your handset allowing you to resell it once you decide to get a new one.

To Sim Unlock your i8910 you need an Unlock Code, this code is unique to the mobile phone you are unlocking. Your unique code is generated by using your mobile phones serial number also know as the IMEI number.

The following is a Video Tutorial showing you just how easy it is to unlock your mobile phone.

Video Tutorial - How To Sim Unlock Your i8910 Mobile Phone

If you are interested in unlocking your mobile phone like I have as seem in my Video Tutorial, then we recommend a company called The Phone Unlockers.

After submitting my order around 8am I got my confirmation email, by 10pm I received my 2nd email with my Unlocking code. This might seem a long time but actually I was very surprised as most sites I know can take around 48 hours.